Healthy Work System and Heart Function

The main function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body. As a means of transportation in the body, blood is tasked with carrying nutrients and oxygen needed by the organs of the body, as well as transporting residual substances. The heart and blood vessels form the cardiovascular system to ensure our survival. A normal, healthy heart is supported by strong muscle tissue and works well in pumping blood. The heart that beats continuously in pumping blood, is able to drain more than 14,000 liters of blood per day. The human heart, which is almost the size of a fist, is divided into four parts, the right and left atrium, and the right and left chambers. Each cardiac chamber is separated by a layer of walls called the septum. Blood is pumped through these parts. To ensure the flow of blood flow, there are valves that can open and close. All valves are tasked with keeping blood flowing in the right direction. There are four valves in the heart, namely: Mitral valve, located
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